Chip Tuning


Nearly all modern cars are fitted with an engine management system which controls the ignition and injection timing and spray duration to give the desired ratio of fuel and air; the heart of your car’s engine. When the car leaves the factory the engine management system is set at a default level allowing the car to be used in any worldwide location. The default setting is a compromise as the quality of fuel varies around the world and to gain optimum performance in terms of economy and acceleration these settings need to be localized. At Car Creations we can do just that with ‘Chip Tuning’; the adjustment of the original settings without compromising the car’s life-span. The most noticeable aspect of chip tuning is during acceleration when there is a stronger ‘kick in the back’ sensation. Because the engine works more efficiently there is improved fuel economy and tuning especially improves the performance of vehicles which are used for towing.
In terms of statistics, tuning will improve the efficiency of petrol engines by around 12% and with Diesel engines there is an even greater increase, of up to 30%. A reduction of 5 to 10% is generally achieved in fuel consumption so there are advantages all-round!

Chip Tuning

During the chip-tuning procedure the original chip is removed (usually by unsoldering) from the car’s management system and we read and adjust the original data before writing the data to a new chip which is then installed into the car. The management system will immediately make the changes to the engine’s performance. This type of chip tuning is used when OBD tuning is not possible, when the original chip cannot be reprogrammed via the engine’s control unit.

OBD Tuning

OBD (On-Board Diagnostics) can be used to tune an engine when there is the facility to read the original software through the car’s electronic control unit. This can be done without even lifting the bonnet and is an invisible procedure which avoids complications with manufacturer’s warranties or lease company contracts. If the car needs to be returned to a company in its original condition, Car Creations can restore the default settings of the chip.

What will it cost?

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